The importance of SPF

SPF is the most important part of any skincare routine, but which sunscreen is right for you?

SPF is one of the most important stages of your daily skincare routine – yes daily!

We're not just talking about sunscreen at the beach. We all remember to pop on the SPF when the sun comes out, especially now the weather’s getting warmer and those beach days are calling in a few months. But we should also be wearing SPF even when those clouds roll in and we collectively complain ‘where’s the Summer gone?’.

The melanin in your skin (the pigment found in our outer skin cells), helps protect your skin from the sun, but it’s only human, like you. And it can only protect you so much, which is why, after too much exposure to these harmful ultraviolet rays our skin darkens, tans, burns or starts to peel. A good SPF is an essential barrier against damage, and your skin will absolutely love you for it.


 Serum Sunscreen:

Dew Good Serum SPF by Cool has to be applied daily to clean skin minimum 15 minutes before sun exposure right after cleansing. Follow then with your skin care routine and moisturizer. It's light and fast absorbing.

Gel Sunscreen

Clean Screen by Ultra Violette is a total lightweight – which means it's perfect for acne-prone or normal to combination skin. It has a gel sunscreen texture, zero fragrance and SPF30 protection.

Matte Sunscreen:

This matte SPF by Coola gives the skin an immediate line-smoothing finish. Helps improve elasticity + help skin retain moisture. Coola sunscreens are reef safe / reef friendly and vegan. 

TBK's bestseller:


Safe and efficient next generation UV filter dispersion. The sun filters in this Daily Face Protect SPF 50 by The Grey have been treated with a specialized encapsulation processing technique to stabilize the chemical sunscreens and to ensure high performance of prolonged and consistent SPF value while using less filters. This creates an ease of use, non-irritant (even to chemical sunscreen sensitive people) and not absorbed into the skin, safer on the skin, ultra light formula that allows the skin to breathe freely and will forms a thin layer of water resistant protective shield upon skin.