aperitivo pairings with nail polish

J. Hannah is a fine jewelry studio in Los Angeles. Behind the elegant line is Jess Hannah, drawing inspiration from vintage pieces and the modern woman. Her artfully edited polish collection offers high quality polishes for the 'color-resistant.'
1. Rhubarb, rose, and bergamot shrub. Agnes + Himalayan Salt polishes. 
2. Vermouth on the rocks with single olive and twist of orange. Hepworth and Eames polishes. 
3. Elephant heart plum + garden rosemary spritz. Blue Nudes polish.
4. Freshly juiced Charentais melon with Jasmine garnish. Marzipan polish.
5. A classic gin Martini with a green olive. Eames polish.
6. September Flower, with hibiscus, rose petal, saffron, black pepper. Dune, Carob, Saltillo polishes.