Sophia Singh is a professional makeup artist and the founder of The Beauty Kollective, an online shop focusing on clean beauty and minimal waste products. She began her career 10 years ago, while studying at the Chicocihan Academy for Hair, Makeup & Photography in Berlin. Sophia now works as a freelance makeup artist and is represented by the Style Council Agency in Zurich. She lead the Makeup Department at CNNMoney Switzerland and regularly travels to European capitals for fashion shows such as Chanel, Stella McCartney, Dior and also for private clients. In 2019, she launched The Beauty Kollective after a desire to reinvent the way she works and to positive values within the beauty industry. Sophia focuses her attention on natural and environmentally-friendly cosmetics and is constantly searching for solutions to minimize waste as a Makeup Artist.

Sophia Singh

Mobile: +41786346014

Instagram: @sophiasingh