1. Remove current nail polish with the OZN AMMY Natural Nail Polish Remover 
2File Your Nails
Make sure they are completely dry (filing wet nails can cause splitting). Rounded nails (mirroring the shape of your cuticle) that extend just over the edge of the fingertip always look elegant. Use OZN Funny Set With 3 Nail Files for this. 
3. Nail Polish application:
Apply a Basecoat like OZN Becky - it helps the color go on smoothly and last longer.
Brush on two thin coats of color, waiting a couple of minutes after each hand. Use three strokes on each nail - on either side of the nail, then a swipe of color across the tip to prevent chips. OZN Tina is a rich hibiscus tone we absolutely love!
Don't forget to swipe OZN Vicky Top Coat across the top of each nail as well, as you did with the color.