OZN High Shine Top Coat 'Vicky'

CHF 22

Ultra-glossy top coat with a gel effect. Due to a special superdry formula, the top coat dries extremely fast and ensures a long durability of up to 10 days. Simply apply over the nail polish and allow it to dry thoroughly. OZN VICKY is, of course, VEGAN!

OZN stands for vegan plant-based nail polish with intensive coverage and a huge selection of colors. 90% of the ingredients we use are derived from sustainably sourced organic raw materials such as wood, potatoes, beetroot, spelt, sugar cane, cassava or corn. For perfect care we have added vitamin A, C, E and Pro B5. All OZN products are 100% vegan. MADE WITH LOVE IN GERMANY & CRUELTY FREE!

    Contains: 12ml

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