Kjaer Weis [/keer/ why-s]

[/keer/ why-s] Luxury, award-winning, certified organic beauty with refillable & sustainable packaging. Designed by Makeup Artist @kirstenkjaerweis

From growing up on a farm in Denmark to attending the prestigious Christian Chauveau School of Artistic Makeup in Paris, Kirsten Kjaer Weis worked around the world for some of the most renowned fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire. As an in-demand makeup artist based in New York, Kirsten found that people were sacrificing the health of their skin by using irritating, synthetic makeup. The natural products, however, were not up to par in performance, and the luxury of the beauty experience was lost. Kirsten used her experience growing up in a natural environment and her knowledge of beauty to pursue uncharted territory in the industry, creating Kjaer Weis - a pioneer in organic, luxury beauty.

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