Ere Perez

Ere Perez Jojoba Oil Eye Pencil

CHF 27

What it is
Ere Perez Jojoba Oil Eye Pencil delivers perfect lines to expertly frame your eyes. A soothing jojoba oil formula, natural and excellent for sensitive eyes. The light-weight texture makes it easy to apply and can be worn day or night to enhance your style.


  • An organic eye liner pencil for a natural smooth finish, that does not drag the delicate eye area
  • Fragrance free, perfect for sensitive skin and vegan
  • 100% natural and full of nourishing ingredients

How to Use
Apply Ere Perez Jojoba Oil Eye Pencil to the top of the eyelid, where the lashes meet the skin. Then, apply on the lower rim as close to the lashes as possible. Smudge out with the Ere Perez Smudge & Shade Brush.

Contains: 1,1 g

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