Ere Perez

Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pots

CHF 35.50

What it is
Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot harnesses the natural goodness of carrots and adds vibrant colour without the fuss of brushes or applicators.
Easy, fuss-free coverage that keeps skin soft and hydrated. Simply dip your finger in and smooth over cheeks. Ultra-waterproof for the beach, gym, office or active lifestyle. Small enough to fit in your pocket or wallet, this brilliant little accessory is for girls on the go!


  • A gorgeous tinted cheek & lip balm to add a touch of buildable colour
  • Fragrance free, perfect for sensitive skin and vegan
  • Easy to apply, long lasting and keeps skin soft & smooth

Colour Guide

  • Harmony: A dusty pink
  • Healthy: A tan caramel
  • Happy: A crimson red
  • Holy: A rich, grape blush

How to Use
These nourishing balms go on clean, dry lips and cheeks for utter indulgence and skin care. Keep Ere Perez Carrot Cheek & Lip Balm with you at all times for a hint of colour and especially in times of extreme weather conditions. Can be worn with makeup or just your own fresh-faced beauty!

Contains: 6,5 g

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