Rahua Colour Full Conditioner

CHF 58

Plants preserve color best. Rahua Color Full™ Conditioner preserves hair color harnessing potent rainforest oils and pure, plant derived ingredients. 

Prevent color-treated hair from fading and maintain desired tones. This exclusive full spectrum color protection complex is ideal for all shades of color-treated and highlighted hair. Plus keeps natural hair colors vibrant.

Color Protection Complex - 3 Layers of Protection:

1. Fine Rahua oil molecules push color pigment deep into strands for staying power
2. Lilac clay fills in porous, dry hair, balances hair tonality and reduces brassiness
3. Morete oil provides an exterior shield, encapsulating and protecting locks from fading

  • Best for all shades of color-treated or highlighted hair
  • Scented with the exotic fragrance of Gardenia flowers

"Awesome products!"
"I am super impressed with the shampoo and conditioner. I recently colored my hair and wanted to make sure I got really good quality products for maintenance. This was the answer. My hair is super soft, shiny & manageable. I will definitely continue to use this product."

Contains: 275 ml

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