Neighbourhood Botanicals

Neighbourhood Botanicals 'The Body' Oil

CHF 43

An opulent blend of silky natural oils, to nourish and provide your skin with 24hr protection from moisture loss.

Moisturizing with body oil protects your skin from dryness for much longer and stronger than a lotion can. The Body features a genderless sunny green citrus and herb scent (no perfume or fragrance) to make you smell like the heavens opened and dropped you into a Positano sunset, prosecco in hand, weak at the knees. Benefits of these particular essential oils are said to stimulate circulation, calm the mind and bring the sexy feels. 'The Body' is especially friendly to dry skin and is excellent for soothing irritation.

All natural, oil-only formula. No silicones or the rest. Cruelty-free. Small batch, made fresh. This blend is made from nut-free oils.

Contains: 150 ml

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