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Neighbourhood Botanicals 'Simmer Down' Serum Oil BBE 03.2024

CHF 19

The Calming Serum for Misbehaving Skin.

Simmer Down Serum is a powerful and potent thin serum formulated to calm and restore balance to your skin. Packed with high-quality plant actives, this unique serum effectively keeps bacteria in check while providing unrivaled cold-pressed botanical nourishment.

  • Targets Blemishes: Say goodbye to stubborn blemishes with our Simmer Down Serum. Formulated to specifically address breakouts, it helps reduce the appearance of imperfections, promoting a clearer complexion.
  • Restores Skin's Glow: Unlock a healthy and vibrant glow with this serum. By combating dullness, it helps rejuvenate lacklustre skin, leaving you with a more youthful and refreshed appearance.
  • Reinforces Lipid Barrier: This serum works to restore and strengthen the skin's lipid barrier, enhancing its natural defense mechanisms. This aids in maintaining a balanced and healthy complexion.

Ideal for oily skin and individuals prone to redness and breakouts, Simmer Down Serum is expertly formulated to address your specific needs. With its quick-absorbing formula, it penetrates the skin without leaving any oily residue, ensuring a comfortable and non-greasy experience. The scent is earthy and reminiscent of tomatoes, twigs, and moss. It's a genuine, organic aroma. 

Contains: 30 ml

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