The Grey


CHF 67

The Independent: "Best Sunscreen for Men"

Sheer yet highly effective, this SPF 50 face cream from The Grey provides high levels of protection from the sun's harmful rays, preventing both premature aging and pigmentation. 

How is it different: Safe and efficient next generation UV filter dispersion. The sun filters in this Daily Face Protect SPF 50  have been treated with a specialized encapsulation processing technique to stabilize the chemical sunscreens and to ensure high performance of prolonged and consistent SPF value while using less filters. This creates an ease of use, non-irritant (even to chemical sunscreen sensitive people) and not absorbed into the skin, safer on the skin, ultra light formula that allows the skin to breathe freely and will forms a thin layer of water resistant protective shield upon skin.

What does it do: Ultra sheer, high protection broad spectrum sun cream for the face. Ultra-light formulation that allows rapid skin absorption and leaves no shininess or residue. Provides a delicate sensation of freshness and a silky finish. Multi functional peptides boost your skin’s natural defense against daylight and radiations including Blue Light. Prevents signs of photo-aging and protects against discoloration caused by sun exposure.

Paraben Free | No Mineral Oils | No Sulfates | No SLS | No SLES | No DEA | No Alcohol | Cruelty Free | Vegan Friendly

Contains: 50 ml 

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