Neighbourhood Botanicals

Neighbourhood Botanicals 'Big Strong Man Moisture Man's Facial Oil

CHF 38

Clarifying, Brightening and Softening Facial Oil.

Made to target men's skin concerns, but great for all genders. This is a softening and strengthening anti-bacterial facial oil for lasting moisture and to soothe irritation and razor burn. This non-greasy blend soaks in fast and leaves a dewy anti-bacterial barrier to guard your skin against moisture loss during the day. Vitamin C and antioxidants deliver brightened tone, whilst the stimulating essential oil blend keeps skin clear and balanced.

Also great to use as a beard oil, to soften bristles and support the skin underneath.
Big Strong Man Moisture is a quality, multi-tasking addition to a simple skincare routine.

Men generally have thicker skin than women, which can get oily. Facial hair requires nourishment to keep it in top shape, and the keep the pores underneath happy and soft.
Shaving can cause dragging, irritation, bumps, and nicks in the skin which benefit from antibacterial and healing oils.
So whether you shave or keep the beard, this oil is perfect to keep your skin barrier strong and healthy.

  • Facial oils naturally curb greasiness and help skin maintain a healthy pH balance.
  • All natural, no synthetics.
  • Raw, cold-pressed oils for maximum nutrients.
  • Scent notes: A fresh swim in a pine-lined lake in the Nordic wilds.

    Contains: 30 ml

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