Abhati Suisse

Abhati Suisse Anamudi Conditioner Bar

CHF 22.50

Abhati's ANAMUDI Repair-Care Conditioner Bar strengthens and detangles tresses to prevent breakage and split ends. Its power-protect formula harnesses nutrient-rich peach kernel oil, ginger and wild Himalayan sea buckthorn to hydrate, enhance shine, and bring back manageability to dull and worn-out hair. PH-balanced and suitable for all hair types.

  • Soap free
  • Alcohol free
  • Cruelty free
  • Sulfates, parabens & silicone free
  • Gluten & soy free
  • Vegan & natural

Contains: 58 g

Due to the sensitive nature of the ingredients in this product, Abhati's solid bars should not be placed in direct sunlight or exposed to extreme heat. Due to the oils in the Conditioner the packaging could be slightly discolored.

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