The Natural Makeup Routine with La Bouche Rouge

Given her shared appreciation for clean ingredients, Mathilde Lacombe chose to collaborate with La bouche rouge and unveil her favorite pieces to highlight your natural beauty.

"I like to begin with La Terre Blonde to warm up my fair skin. It’s the first natural bronzing powder enriched in hyaluronic acid that enhances and hydrates the skin for a radiant complexion, all throughout the day. I apply it using the bronzer brush, whose large size allows you to evenly apply the powder over your entire face with ease.

To follow, I add La Lumière, which is amazing to add a glowing touch. It’s the first natural highlighter that hydrates and sculpts your features while creating a healthy, luminous complexion. Usually, I prefer a cream highlighter, but this one melts so beautifully onto my skin!

The highlighter brush allows you to evenly apply La Lumière on the cheek bones, cupid's bow and tip of the nose to unveil a natural, glowing, halo effect."