Looking to change the future of hair tools, RE=COMB has been formed from a necessity for another option. 

The beauty and fashion industry is so amazing, creative and innovative and some brands really are at the forefront of an eco-sustainable movement which is fantastic. That said, there’s still excessive amounts of waste within the industries and has a massive environmental footprint. 

Hair tools in particular seem to be lacking in sustainable options which we hope will change. 

Plastic has got us so far but it is very clear now that plastic is a big problem. Unfortunately as a society we aren't using it responsibly and it's leading to a lot of damage which we are seeing more and more of everyday. Products like the comb change the way people envisage plastic in that their 'waste' can become a high value, useful, beautiful and long lasting product. Giving waste another life and getting rid of excess landfill and ocean waste. 

With only 7-11% of plastic in the world being recycled, which is a staggering statistic, we all need to change this for a better future.

We need to stop single use plastic and be responsible with the plastic that has already been produced. By giving this waste plastic a new life we start to deal with our excessive amounts of waste that is causing massive environmental damage.

Let’s make a brighter future.