The art is in the ingredients, yes, but also how they’re stacked together; the endless permutations tested to arrive at the final, most artful form, how they synthesize into a lipstick, from the work of the bees in Italy to the farms in South America, they transform into something truly beautiful.
Kjaer Weis’s latest Nude lipsticks utilize natural elements sourced from organic farms all over the world to create a nourishing and moisturizing lipstick.
“We work with a manufacturer in Italy, and the gentleman who is the chemist—the one doing the formulation—he’s really an alchemist. He’s somebody who genuinely has an affinity and understanding for nature and what it provides. And in that, there lies a humanity, and it translates into the suppliers around the world that provide the best raw materials,” says founder Kirsten Kjaer Weis. “We source raw materials from South America, from Israel, and from Italy, where there are organic farmers that provide the highest quality.”