Big Strong Man Moisture Men's Facial Oil from Neighbourhood Botanicals

This incredibly stylish facial oil for men by Neighbourhood Botanicals is a softening and strengthening facia oil for lasting moisture and to soothe irritation and razor burn. Although this is made for men, it can also be used by ladies too if you like the sound of the scents that have gone into this! 
  • The aromas of this oil will send your mind to a pine-lined lake in the Nordic wilds.
  • This non-greasy blend soaks in fast and leaves a dewy anti-bacterial barrier to guard your skin against moisture loss during the day. 
  • Vitamin C and antioxidants deliver brightened tone, whilst the stimulating essential oil blend keeps skin clear and balanced. Also great to use as a beard oil, to soften bristles and support the skin underneath.
  • All natural, no synthetics!
  • Non-irritant and non-comedogenic.
  • Size: 30ml.
  • Vegan, cruelty free and uses recyclable packaging.
  • Made small-batch in London UK.
  • Independently female owned.
  • Synthetic parfum and fragrance free. Scent from essential oils.
How to use:

Best applied on a damp clean face, so the oils can trap the moisture into your skin. Just warm a few drops up between your fingers, then pat into skin.

Oils may be used alone, or on top of your normal moisturizer for an extra vitamin and moisture boost. Facial oils naturally curb greasiness and help skin maintain a healthy pH balance.