Beauty for life - Rethink, Refill, Recycle

Natural serum formulation.  

La Bouche Rouge develops serum-infused makeup formulas, with proven efficacy and color delivery, in their own laboratory in France. No petrochemicals, no toxins, no plastic powder, micro-plastics or silicones, no beeswax or preservatives.

blue fine leather case  

black fine leather case



With La Bouche Rouge lipstick refills encased in recyclable paper that is resistant to water and free from all plastic lamination, each mechanism is entirely made from recyclable metal, without any plastic. Entirely recyclable, they also ensure zero waste.

Completely functional, the paper lipstick can be used independently from the leather case or serve as a refillable element.


The lipstick case is infinitely refillable and can be used for all La Bouche Rouge lipstick and lip balm refills.