Studio Botanic

Studio Botanic Hand Cream

CHF 19

The perfect mix of protection and care, without being greasy.

This is exactly what Studio Botanic Hand Cream offers, which is optimally suitable for daily use due to its quick absorption, and can be perfectly integrated into your daily life. No more unattractive grease residues on the keyboard or display. No long acting times. Simply apply, rub in and your hands are immediately ready for use again.

While high-quality avocado oil intensively provides your skin with moisture, important vitamins and valuable antioxidants, selected vegan waxes prevent your hands from drying out.

Refreshing peppermint and invigorating mandarin oil also give the cream a subtle fragrance. While the oils add extra moisture, smooth fine lines and combat inflammation, the vegan wax increases the skin’s natural protective function. This is a discreet natural scent that quickly dissipates after application. Due to its pure naturalness the original scent reduces over time.

Active Ingredients of the Studio Botanic Hand Cream:
Avocado oil, Vegan Wax, Citrus extracts, Vegan Glycerine, Olive oil, Mandarin oil, Peppermint oil. 

Contains: 50ml (aluminium tube)

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