Soeder Natural Hand Sanitizer Herbal Aloe

CHF 6.80

A beautifully scented hand sanitizer made from all-natural ingredients with Aloe Vera that protects and treats your skin. Naturally antibacterial and scented with essential oils extracted from plants naturally preserved. 

  • 100% biodegradable
  • Free of skin-ageing toxins and carcinogens

No sulfates, no petrochemicals, no synthetic fragrances, no nitrosamine-releasing substances, no dethanolamine (D.E.A), no T.E.A, no parabens, no paraffin, no dyes, no glycols, no plastic.

Contains: 250ml or 100ml

The Soeder disinfectant comes in a practical pump bottle (250ml) or spray bottle (100ml) made of glass.

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