Zero Waste

Soeder Natural Deodorant Grass Root (BBE 06.2022)

CHF 9.60

A natural product usually has another 6 months life after its been opened and exposed to air. If you'd like to support this cause, we are offering this zero waste product for a third of the original price.

The biological deodorant from Soeder is a mild product made in Zurich.

The unique fragrances Grass Roots is produced with high quality essential oils. Thanks to the purely plant-based ingredients, the deodorant has a natural antibacterial effect - completely without aluminium, silver and zinc. Furthermore, the product is biodegradable. So you don't need to worry about harmful residues getting into the water when showering.

Soeder's Natural Deodorant is a Swiss product and is supplied in a high-quality, ecological glass bottle with spray head.

  • Natural deodorant 
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Acts naturally antibacterial
  • Biological, natural ingredients
  • Without aluminium, silver and zinc

Contains 100ml.

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