CHF 26

For the Ammy Nail Polish Remover, OZN uses dibasic ester (DBE). This solvent is a clear, colorless liquid, which has a pleasant, mild odour and is completely environmentally friendly. It is created through the reaction of acid and alcohol, while separating the water and does not require labelling as a hazardous substance.

Other ingredients are:

  • E acetate Vitamin, an oily, odourless, water-insoluble liquid. This synthetic pro-vitamin E is not only used as an additive for cosmetics but also for the drug manufacturing. 
  • D-Phantenol / 50P is a compound also used as an active ingredient for the treatment of diseases of the skin and mucous membranes, and for medical skin care. 
  • Aloe vera gel, extracted from the water storaging tissue of aloe vera leaves. It has anti-inflammatory, wound healing and moisturizing features. 
  • Glycerin is a sugar alcohol. Due to the water-binding properties, glycerol is used in the manufacture of cosmetics as a moisturizer.

Contains: 100 ml 

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