Neighbourhood Botanicals

Neighbourhood Botanicals 'Simmer Down' Serum Oil

CHF 38

Simmer Down made specifically for someone with oily skin, those suffering with breakouts, stress pimples or flareups.

This is a potent thin serum, jam-packed with plant actives to help keep bacteria in check and calm down misbehaving skin, with a unique ingredient list of unrivaled quality.

The oils in this blend are raw and cold-pressed, extracted without chemical solvents and unrefined to preserve the maximum potency of the plants.

Suitable for oily skin, and those prone to redness and breakouts. Quickly absorbed serum with no lasting oily film.

How to: Best applied on a damp clean face, so the oils can trap the moisture into your skin.
Just warm a few drops up between your fingers, then pat into skin.
Oils may be used alone, or on top of your normal moisturizer for an extra vitamin and moisture boost.

Contains: 30ml

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