Naturaglacé Cheek Blush 01 Pink

CHF 47

2 color blush powder set for naturally rosy and shimmery skin, to create a fresh-looking face. Light and smoothly conforms to the skin. Protects skin from strong sunlight and dryness.

Cranberry: Cranberry oil, extracted from seeds even smaller than sesame seeds, is rich in tocotrienol (or “super vitamin E”). It also keeps skin healthy and protects the cheeks, which receive the most sunlight and are most prone to dryness.

Bilberry: Grows in Lapland, Finland, where they go long periods under sunlight due to their midnight sun. It is rich in polyphenol to protect it from the strong sunlight. Protects skin from dryness and keeps it moisturized.

Dermatologically tested; suitable for all skin types.

No: parabens, paraffins, PEGs, silicones, synthetic fragrances, tar dyes
and of course no animal testing.

Contains: 3,1g

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