Ere Perez

Ere Perez Translucent Corn Powder

CHF 43

What it is
Ere Perez Translucent Corn Perfecting Powder is an ultra-light translucent pressed powder that naturally absorbs oil from the face. Made with corn, there’s no better way to combat excessive moisture from the skin’s surface. It’s multi-functional, so you can use alone to control shine or over foundation as a finisher. Use lightly over eye shadow and lipstick for prolonged wear. Apply with the Ere Perez Kabuki Brush and keep with you throughout the day.


  • A luxurious pressed powder to keep you shine free, all day 
  • Fragrance free, oil free and vegan 
  • Leaves a flawless finish and banishes any excess moisture

How to Use
Ere Perez Translucent Corn Perfecting Powder is best applied with a kabuki brush. Use on clean, bare skin to control shine or over makeup to set your look. Simply gather powder with the brush and apply all over the face. Then, even out the application with wide, sweeping brush strokes until you get that flawless finish.

Contains: 13,5 g

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