Atinge Touch Comforting Body Butter

CHF 15

TOUCH is a sensual body butter, brimming with the healing energy of the Sun.

The orange and the lemon help to increase appetite and zest for life, spectacular condiments like ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom warm every heart, while the cedar, chrism and patchouli aromatic bases bring ceremony and togetherness.
A smooth, highly nourishing butter for the hands and body, providing intensive protection for the skin. Carefully selected vegetable oils absorb really well into the skin, while the unrefined rich butters, with authentic and exotic flavors, provide full nourishment and elasticity. The shea, the African “women's gold”, the mango butter and the cocoa butter bring exceptional benefits for the very dry, mature or dehydrated skin.

Almonds, coconuts and apricots provide an impeccable nurturing of the skin, while the grapeseed oil is included for its potent flavonoids and vitamins. The essential oils create a soft sensation of warmth for the body.

Due to its slightly warming effect on the skin and its specific essential oils, TOUCH is also recommended for local anti-cellulite applications.

Contains: 100ml

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