Atinge Solaris Natural Sunscreen Milk SPF 30 • UVA/UVB

CHF 39

This is your summer organic friend! Atinge’s newly improved solar protection formula is filled with precious natural and certified organic ingredients.

The main active component is zinc oxide, non-nano ecologically formulated, a soothing and calming, highly protective element, also found in baby diaper creams and sensitive formulas.

Zinc oxide reflects, neutralizes UV rays and provides broad-spectrum protection. Zinc is an essential mineral that our bodies require for optimal functioning and is the only active sunscreen ingredient approved by the FDA for infants under six months. 

It is the NEW FORMULA of Solaris, with improved texture quality and higher SPF (UVA•UVB), suitable even for children over 1 year old.
Atinge chose to bring together only the most natural organic oils and a mineral SPF active ingredient that is used in baby cosmetics and skin recovery formulas - zinc oxide (non nano) and sits as a natural barrier against UV rays.
Unlike the synthetic solar formulas that absorb the rays, zinc oxide reflects them, thus keeping the skin well protected. We added a very powerful mix of carotene cocktail and antioxidants organic oils to protect skin during sun exposure: Carrot, Sea Buckthorn seed and Raspberry seed oils and CO2 extracts, with high naturally occuring SPF levels (from 20 to 50 SPF). Organic Cocoa butter, Coconut and Wheat germ oils nourish and and fortify the skin, adding extra SPF factors to the formula. The organic Wild Carrot seeds essential oil is renowned for its skin protective and nourishing qualities. Atinge didn’t use water for this 100% natural formula for a better resistance at high temperatures and a maximum benefit from the active ingredients. The beautiful natural orange color of the carotene oils will modify the classic white skin appearance of mineral sunscreens and will prevent skin from looking white, making Solaris barely noticeable during sun exposure.     

How to apply: apply generously before sun exposure and reapply after 30 minutes or after every water contact (this formula is partially water resistant). Gently massage with circular moves a generous amount of product.                

Sun exposure advice: we recommend to avoid sun exposure between 11am-15pm and use a hat and clothes to cover skin during these hours. 

Contains: 100ml

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