Atinge Pure Shine Facial Serum

CHF 42

Bring a PURE SHINE to your face!

This complete serum is rich in precious and highly nourishing vegetable oils, protecting and alleviating any discomfort caused by external factors, such as free radicals or extreme temperatures, it reduces fine lines and restores facial glow, like a true elixir for natural beauty. It is specially created for dry, normal or mature skin. Unrefined argan and avocado oils deeply nourish the skin, while the precious borage (starflower) and pomegranate oils are the perfect boost of antioxidants for your skin.
The essential oils contained within Pure Shine are a truly royal blend: the damask rose, featuring the highest vibrational frequency among all flowers, with a magical effect on the female psyche, the rock rose (Cistus Ladanifer), smelling and acting like a healing balm, and the madagascar rose geranium, a known tonic for lighter skin. This is immediately translated into a soft, fresh, perfectly protected and delicately smelling skin.

PURE SHINE is the bestseller of the Atinge face collection.

Contains: 10 ml

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