Atinge Balance Mixté Facial Serum

CHF 39

A natural product usually has another 6 months life after its been opened and exposed to air. If you'd like to support this cause, we are offering this zero waste product for a third of the original price.

Face serum for combination skin.

BALANCE MIXTE uses a special formula for combination skin types.

An inspired blend of specific non-fat vegetable oils and essential oils works to balance the production of sebum, all the while hydrating and invigorating the dry areas of the skin. The serum is immediately absorbed into the skin, without any sensation of greasiness, providing comfort and brightness to combination skin types.

BALANCE MIXTE is among the most popular products created by Atinge and it can be seen as an ideal solution for specific conditions of combination skin: blemishes, excessive sebum, dry areas.

Contains: 10ml

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