Zero Waste

Atinge Amazonas Moisturizing Body Butter (BBE 03.2022)

CHF 10

A natural product usually has another 6 months life after its been opened and exposed to air. If you'd like to support this cause, we are offering this zero waste product for a third of the original price.

AMAZONAS is a moment of purely feminine indulgence.

Its refined energy and exotic touches bring the senses and balancing of the feminine side to the forefront. The aromatherapy featuring palmarosa, copaiba, sage and coriander re-balances the mind, purifies emotions and brings peace to the spirit The woman awakes, she indulges.
Rosewood and patchouli aromatic bases open the heart to love and life.

Carefully selected vegetable oils are cold-pressed, helping to intensely hydrate and nourish the skin. Rich shea and mango butters are perfect for the thirsty and dried up skin. The unrefined, locally sourced beeswax helps to create an additional layer of protection. This smooth body and hand butter features exotic, warm green and sensual aromatherapy notes.

Contains: 100ml

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