Abhati Suisse

Abhati Suisse Lalitya Whipped Moisturising Cream

CHF 44

What it is: Lalitya Whipped Moisturising Cream is a lavish and lightweight facial moisturizer.

What it does: Lalitya works as a protective barrier for your skin and activates your skin’s own recovery functions. The unique formulation hydrates skin and helps to even skin tone, leaving your complexion smooth and dewy. It acts to reduce redness and uncomfortable tightness, giving skin a second chance.

What’s in it: Its unique formulation combines edelweiss, Indian gooseberry, turmeric, and wild Himalayan cherry oil, which is rich in natural vitamin A. Lalitya’s certified organic whole plant ingredients are unrefined, unprocessed and raw. A natural herbal extraction technique creates a high-potency botanical blend, suitable for all skin types.

Why we love it: Because it turns routine into a lavish ritual! Abhati Suisse founder Anju Rupal brings her Indian heritage and the natural goodness of the Himalayas to this airy and creamy whipped moisturizer.

How to use it: Use Lalitya in the morning or at night, after washing your face with Abhati's Shanta Rich Facial Cleanser. Apply a pea-sized amount and gently work into the neck and face with upward strokes.

Clean Ingredients. Healthy Skin.

Contains: 60 ml

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