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Nini Organics Crimson Beauty Face Serum (BBE 02.2024)

CHF 43.50 CHF 87

***Winner for Best Hyaluronic Acid - Beauty Shortlist 2023***

Crimson Beauty is NINI's very first water-based serum to help boost your moisture levels, balance your skin's flora, and flood it with a burst of vitamins from Hibiscus extract. Crimson Beauty contains two green Biotech ingredients which make this serum a highly active rich product.

Quora Noni is an intelligent Microbiome balancing ingredient that can act as a treatment for oily acne prone skin helping to regulate oil production, smooth imperfections and offer protection to your epidermal barrier keeping it strong and healthy so it's more resilient against disruption and environmental stressors including pollution. 

Arabian Cotton has been added for its incredible ability to shield your skin from blue-light rays. We're constantly surrounded by our devices but don't realize how photo-ageing their rays can be for our skin. Arabian Cotton is here to help boost the photo-protection, flood the skin with Antioxidants, and repair your skin for a more vibrant appearance.

Organic Hibiscus flower has been macerated within a gorgeous Neroli hydrosol which offers your skin an abundance of vitamins and minerals to help cell turnover and help smooth out your complexion. Cucumber hydrosol, Glycerin, and vegan Hyaluronic acid all help to retain moisture within your skin, keeping it plump, soft, and supple.

Contains: 50 ml

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