Guy Morgan

Guy Morgan Gua Sha

CHF 50

Face & Body Tool

Enhance your self care rituals and awaken skin’s natural glow with the ancient art of Gua Sha.
Hand carved out of 100% white Nephrite Jade, this stone helps improve microcirculation and blood flow to both the face and body.

Paired with your face oil or balm of choice, it becomes the perfect conduit for precious oils. Comes with illustrated brochure, modelled by artist Alexandria Coe.

Used around the eyes it helps alleviate the look of dark circles and puffiness, lifting and revitalising the appearance of skin. This invaluable tools unique ridges can be used on scalp to help relieve tension headaches

  • Hand crafted in Beiyang Village, China, from 100% white Nephrite Jade.
  • Subtle etched logo.
  • Hand polished with berry wax. 

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