Filabé Skin Clear Adult

CHF 59

For oily skin with pimples and/or blackheads, from age 22.

SKIN CLEAR ADULT is ideal for skin at age 22 and older that is plagued with blemishes or excessive oiliness. It combines milk-vetch (astragalus membranaceus) and OM24™, a natural high-tech ingredient based on the tea plant. This reduces the production of sebum and quickly and effectively soothes irritations.

  • Contains highly effective OM24 (natural active ingredient)
  • Soothing and liberating from first use
  • 100% free from additives

Filabé is based on natural ingredients, 100% free of additives and vegan. Only water, the ultra-fine microfibril wipe and the active ingredients it contains are applied to your skin.

Filabé is recyclable skin care. It helps keep waterways clean by avoiding the oils, fats, microplastics, silicones, detergents and parabens found in conventional skin care products.

Contains: 28 cloths

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